Best School Management Script (Top 5)

In this article, you’ll find our hand picked Best School Management Script, followed by the website design process that will be customized according to the school exams record sheet and administrative records.

There is no doubt that the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is perceived as a catalyst for economic growth. Crude methods of processing data in most academic institutions in the world today has been a major set-back to the industry. Especially with the growing population of students and staff, this has a multiplier effect on subjects, results and so on. In a fast-changing world where trivial procedures are rapidly phasing off, your institutions desired to implement a new state-of-the-art automated school management scrip capable of supporting its major processes like report card preparation, student and staff record management, SMS system, public notices, e-Library, attendance taking, etc.

List of Best School Management Script (Top 5)

01. Ekattor School Erp

Ekattor School Management Script

Ekattor is the most complete and one of the best School Management Script. This is the best school automation script that facilitate all the features need a school institute in a single palace. More than 3000 school already used ekattor erp.

It has seven user role management, rich front-end so you don’t have to worry for the school website. You will find all your school information in informative way – like student informative list, student details information, intuitive admission form, Academic Management, Exam Management, School Accounting, Library Management, Bio-metric Attendance Add-on, Back Office Management.

Currently it has 6 add-on which enhanced the script, though you have to buy those add-on separately. If you looking for a script that complete all your school’s functionality then this is it.

02. Ora School Suite – Ultimate school management system

Ora School Suite

Ora School Suite is the ultimate school management script built on Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4 and Angular JS. It is the most powerful and flexible tool for your educational institute management. It satisfy all your institutional needs by its built-in module systems.

This script suite covers all your school functions on web as well as on mobile devices. Outstanding Native apps linked with school database support push notification, integrated with most popular bio-metric device ZKteco. With its advanced HR Modules and Payment module you can generate salary for staff as well as its payment module help you to generate invoice and collect fees from students. It has online payment gateway integrated.

If you are looking for script that has mobile apps supported then this is best school management script for your educational institute.

03. Smart School : School Management System

Smart School Management Systems

Smart School is Modern and Complete School Automation Software that suites to almost every school or educational institution from student admission to student leaving, from fees collection to exam results. It includes 30+ modules with 8 inbuilt users (Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent and Student) panel.

It has most powerful student admission form with 40+ records and information systems including previous school records and siblings records. Promote student to next session based on their results. It has integrated advanced fees collection module. Not just invoicing but also has a discount features for special purpose like staff child / Class Topper Discount etc. Built HR Payroll Module and Accounting Module.

Most important features is that it has both Android and iOS App ready, though you have to buy them separately. Another Unique features is that it support bio-metric attendance systems. If you want to buy a complete School Management Script that have beautiful Front-end website, Bio-metric Attendance Systems, Android & iOS App ready, built it on Online exam Systems, Online Admission Form, Library Management Systems and may more features, then this will be your one and only script.

04. Inilabs School Express : School Management System

Inilabs School Management Script

If you searching for a tools that helps you to manage your school database then you are at the right place.

Managing an entire school is not so easy task and there are lots of systems available around that can use to manage strong admission, enrollment, courses, accounts, communication, student monitoring and for others. Why not utilize a complete solution as a single & streamlined platform .

That’s why we came up with “iNiLabs school management system”. iNiLabs offers the most ever user-friendly school management system, with more than 250+ features, including admission & course management, online exam, grade books, attendance & leave management, hostel & transport management, ebooks & library management, HR management, invoicing, inventory, advanced user management with unlimited user roles, mail & SMS management, More that 8+ online payments & SMS gateway, 100+ reports and many more.

05. Global – Multi School Management System Express

Global Multi School Management Systems

Global – Multi School Management System Express is the latest and most complete School Automation Software Which is suites for each and every educational institute like school, college and universities. Specially who want to manage Multiple School from one system/server. Global Multi School Management system (GMSMS) is a fully ACL Based, Organized Features, Unlimited Language, Exclusive Reports and Secure web based Multi School Management System with well documented & clean coded.

It has all the features like above four school Management Script, except I personally missed the bio-metric attendance and Mobile Apps. Other than that most advance features I like that it supports multiple School / Multiple Branch. So you don’t have to worry about your school’s other branches. You don’t have to buy individual script for all your branches. One Script Covers all branches of your school. Moreover this script has different beautiful front-end for every branches.

This is a new script, however I believe that they have added those two features in their future update. If you believe that those two missing features is not required now then definitely I suggest you to buy this script for your school.

So which script you should use for your School Management?

As a new user it may difficult to someone to choose right script for their school management. I have tested all the script I mentioned here. From my observations, most of the features are common among those script, only few minor difference – Like Bio-Metric Attendance Systems, Online Exam Module, Online Admission form, Mobile Apps supported. Ekattor ERP has all the major features included in their previous version, however from version 7, they have separate most of the in built module to Add-ons which you have to buy separately – like Exam module, Alumni Systems, SMS systems, Bio-Metric Attendance Systems. Ora School Suite and Smart School Management System are 99.99% in common in features, functionality, except they are built on different PHP framework, Ora school is built on Laravel and Bootstrap 4 where in Smart School is built on Codeigniter Framework. It’s upto you which framework you will go for, I personally go for Smart School with Codeigniter Framework because I really like the front-end of the Smart School Management Script. In between inilabs School Express and Global Multi School Management, I will give more rating to Global Multil School Management Script.

To sum up all the pros and cons, I would like to buy Smart School Management Script. Comment me, which one you like most.

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