WHMCS v7.1.1 Fully Nulled with License

WHMCS v7.1.1

WHMCS v7.1.1 is a maintenance release for the 7.0 series of WHMCS that includes bug fixes & other updates.

WHMCS v7.1 provides the WHMCS Update Utility which makes updates a breeze! Simply navigate to Utilities >> Update WHMCS to begin the process.

We are also providing both a full release and incremental patch set upgrade for manual updates. If you are running the immediate previous release of  v7.1.1, you can use the incremental patch set to upgrade.

Changelog: WHMCS V7.1.1


  • SECURITY-6099 – Update PHPMailer to v5.2.21


CORE-10513 – Module Settings Retrieval Should Only Occur on Module Settings Tab
CORE-10629 – Add xml module to system requirements
CORE-10697 – Include ChartJs moment.js unbundled for better extensibility
CORE-10721 – Improve compatibility for chart based legacy widgets in new Dashboard
CORE-10724 – Ensure proper HTML entity encoding for “sendadminemail” API
CORE-10727 – Provide refresh button on Update page to synchronize update & license information
CORE-10729 – Improper rendering of Client Summary with non-English admin language
CORE-10740 – Cron Digest Email does not contain details of task work
CORE-10741 – Allow TLD Sale Groups in client area to be translatable
CORE-10744 – Improve handling of Stripe API Connection error
CORE-10751 – Any Status showing mutliple times in admin area support ticket status filter dropdown
Also known as: CORE-10748
CORE-10755 – Client Summary’s check all action should only select visible items
CORE-10759 – Provide info alert when changing the Daily Cron Hour in Automation Settings
CORE-10762 – Ensure system cron ‘skip’ will perform all due daily tasks
Also known as: CORE-10761
CORE-10763 – Proactively inform admin via email if daily tasks have not run due to mis-configuration
Also known as: CORE-10760
CORE-10764 – Add Update Available to Cron Daily Digest email
CORE-10779 – markdown insert image button preview is non functional

MODULE-6237 – Remove dot.tk module from distribution
Also known as: CORE-8425
MODULE-6435 – Improve handling of payment currency for WorldPay
MODULE-6451 – Update Realtime Register TestMode URL
CORE-10717 – Update query for configure SSL to prevent PDO error
CORE-10750 – Allow separate contacts for LogicBoxes based modules

CORE-10708 – Improve addproduct API input handling for product descriptions
CORE-10781 – Ensure API getticketcounts function uses same criteria as ticket search form

CORE-10709 – Improvements for client and admin area Hungarian translations
CORE-10731 – Additions for client area Arabic translations

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      Currently I’ve enable add to cart button only for domain services (Global) And provide hosting and other services only for customer from Bangladesh. For now Hosting and other services can be purchased only from client area.

    • Sorry I forgot to replace Decoded License File in the above link. I’ve already added it. Download the license file and replace it.

    • I can not ensure that, As I don’t know what changes will be in WHMCS Future version. For now the license file worked up to WHMCS version 7.1.1

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